Station Pier
ISBN: 978-0-9808371-0-0
TITLE: Station Pier
FORMAT: Paperback
DIMENTIONS: 155x235mm
GENRE: Fiction
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Author: George Salib
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Meet the author

A tragic story of a family who dared to follow their dream. They leave their homeland behind, in the hope that their roots will take hold in the soil of a new nation.

Kamal and his wife Zahra are not strangers to pain and suffering, or to deprivation and poverty they are dreamers willing to take risks in pursuit of a better life for their family.

They have set their sights on Australia, the lucky country and the most sought after destination for anyone seeking health, wealth and happiness. However, after disembarking at Station Pier, their enthusiasm along with their aspirations and dreams vanish into thin air.

Their dream of a happier life becomes a nightmare, haunting them as they come face-to-face with tragedy, despair, loneliness and death.