Cedar Books is a family publishing initiative retailing books online since 2010.

With over forty years’ experience in various fields, George Salib was inspired by the idea of establishing a publishing initiative to encourage prospective writers to fulfill their ambition.

George was born and educated in Lebanon. He served with the Lebanese Air Force before migrating to Australia. He worked for six years as an aircraft mechanical engineer. From there he moved on to dabble in the real estate and restaurant industries before establishing a successful printery and bookshop on Sydney Road, Brunswick.

Throughout the duration of his time within the printing industry, George translated and published ten children's storybooks from English to Arabic, published his own magazine and wrote a collection of poems.

As retirement age was advancing George began to search for a pastime hobby and, with the encouragement of his family, he set into motion his journey into the world of writing and publishing.

Within the first six months, George completed his first novel and called it Station Pier. Family and friends read the book enthusiastically and gave such positive feedback that George was inspired to take his idea one step further and went on to establish cedarbooks.com.au to promote his books and encourage others to do the same.

Cedar Books
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Cedar Books
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